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ICO airdrops for US X node holders?

It seems if you're American you lose half the value of X node ownership. Early and guaranteed ICO participation is arguably the best feature of being an X node holder. Doesn't it make since to reward early investors with at least an opportunity to own ICO tokens? Not much just something so we feel connected to the vechain ecosystem.
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Esprezzo August Gear Giveaway

The Esprezzo Team continues to work relentlessly on building out our middleware platform and developer tools. We tend to hunker down, get in the zone and get down to business like there is no…
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Bobby Lee’s open challenge to VeChain

I openly challenge someone from #VeChain $VET to come & debate w/ me. We can do it live at public conference or in a video podcast.Come convince me that VeChain is a #Blockchain solution for suppl...