Honest Question. VeChain is a Non-Profit Company. Their goal is to make an impact on the world for the better, one way is by making it as attractive as possible for organizations to partner with VeChain; low txs. The Goal of VeChain is not to put $ in our pockets, we are not shareholders.

self.Vechain1m ago
^(Large % of initial tokens were for onboarding new clients, can you imagine how many of those tokens have been sitting with clients, generating VTHO? Forecast when that will be burned?) Then new clients onboarded, if I were Walmart, I'm a Fortune 500 company, I would negotiate a requirement of enough $VET to cover my yearly $VTHO burn, given my name brand will put VeChain on the map, if it's the USA branch. DNV is a great partnership, one reason I invested but again, they're focused on babies, waste pollution, hospital records, things to make the world better, those aren't the most lucrative business opportunities. Thoughts? Another thing, making separate thread for this as it's a topic for another time, we are down 3 authority nodes, it's fine, right?