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Here's all our ICO's in one place, with a brief desc. and links

##ICO's being held on the VeChainThor platform   #Plair (PLA) - Plair is a video-gamer-focused public blockchain platform built to serve and improve the gaming experience and lifestyle. - The Plair vision is to promote and facilitate the gaming lifestyle and community through both on-and-offline products and events. With Plair, gamers will reap the benefits that sports fans and athletes already experience: accessible venues for playing, spectating, and discussing the games they love. - Plair has plans to unite the streaming and gaming worlds on one platform, something both parties have desired for years, propelling the amateur eSports scene into the mainstream, as well as a distrbuted cloud computing network, that will allow users to rent, play, and stream games, using the combined processing power of the network's participants. /r/Plair [Click here for Whitepaper]( - [Twitter]( - [Telegram]( - [Telegram Announcements]( - [Facebook]( - [Medium](   #MustangChain (MUST) - MustangChain’s main objective is to advance the multi-billion-dollar equine industry by implementing smart technologies, generating unbiased data, optimizing fraud proof authentication and traceability, and removing global boundaries. - The aim is to set a global standard to counter fraud in the equine industry by introducing tamper-proof passport authentication, equine identification, and a swiftly accessible and decentralized data platform, thereby establishing trust among all participants within the ecosystem. Horses will have a NFC chip integrated passport that grants access to a horse’s data record on the blockchain, registering items such as ownership, studbook, medical records, breeding history, and other important variables necessary for informed trading, breeding, and h...
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