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VeChainThor is truly a global endeavor. However, recently I’ve seen many questions about VeChain and the United States specifically on various social media platforms. Obviously can’t predict the future or definitively say what will happen, but can speak from current experience while looking ahead to possible outcomes, and relaying information as things currently stand for one to digest, consider what’s in the works, and share concrete options that already exist et cetera.

VeChainThor is being built to last. Adaptability will serve this enterprise-grade public blockchain very well long-term. There are many use cases already burning VTHO on VeChainThor as one can see from Totient’s explorer VeForge, and there are more to come that will be on-boarded while others expand upon what they are already doing on the VeChainThor blockchain. Here’s a quick visual indicator of the mainnet activity level increasing recently from community made VeChain Stats to give an idea about the recent increase in clauses and clauses per transaction (keep in mind that these are valuable transactions):

Activity has certainly been ramping up on VeChainThor blockchain with a lot of VTHO being burned and many daily clauses from valuable transactions. This is a joy to witness in this first year of the mainnet.

By the way y’all - VTHO is not a “dividend”. This is all still relatively new and people think in comparative terms, but VTHO is generated by VET in real-time on the blockchain. Though I am in no way shape or form a lawyer whatsoever, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but the last time I checked a “dividend” has never been able to settle smart-contracts on a functioning network - ever. VTHO’s primary utility on the VeChainThor blockchain is to settle smart-contracts, as all transactions require VTHO regardless of whether or not the VTHO is paid via MPP or the new complimentary VIP-191 designated gas payer.

VIP-191 is a complimentary but key subset and ...

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VET exchange is available in Guarda

Great news for our beloved @vechainofficial users – $VET is now available for exchanges within @GuardaWallet. Happy to be a part of your ecosystem and facilitate handy #VeChain use!