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China, France Implement Supply Chain Traceability of French Raw Meat Imports

(Yicai Global) Nov. 6 -- A full supply chain traceability system for French imports of raw beef and pork into China developed by the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine together with related French industrial associations was activated today at the second China International Import Expo being held in Shanghai.

The CAIQ program tags the packaging of French-originated beef or pork goods extending the tracking of the food supply chain to China and ensuring that product quality is in line with European Union standards.

The traceability system is very important since it ensures the authenticity of the entire supply chain from production to sales terminals and safeguards the interests of Chinese consumers, Li Xinshi, director of the CAIQ, told Yicai Global.

By scanning the Quick Response codes on tagged meat products, consumers can learn about the entire supply chain of the product they have brought home from the farm to the store. It tells them which farm the animal was reared at, which abattoir it was slaughtered in, the butchery that carved it up, where it was kept in cold storage, the distribution routes it travelled and where it was finally sold.

China's imports of French beef products only resumed in September this year after a 17-year ban following an outbreak of mad cow disease in Europe in 2000.

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