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Calling all technical VETerans

What would a full scale integration look like with VeChain? Let’s say an ice cream company wanted to implement continuous temperature readings using the VeChainThor blockchain. How would this occur, physically? I would say that I have an above average understanding as to what VeChain is and how it functions. What I’m curious of is what would implementation look like to a company? How would the temperature be read, how is a smart contract structured to record said temperature to the blockchain? What does this data look like in its rawest form to the admin identifier? In whole, I’d love if some more technical redditors could help me understand what the implementation of VeChainThor technologies looks like.
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Finally some good news!

VeChain (VET) has been in a sideways pennant for almost two weeks between $0.13 on the upside and $0.10 on the downside. With lower highs and higher l