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Biggest Takeaway From A Non-Attended NYC Meetup VET Hodler

Reading about the NYC Meetup has got to be some of the most exciting news I've read since the re-brand. This little event is massive for investors like us, on reddit, who have to deal with an incredible amount FUD and disrespect on other subreddits (cough cough .. /r/cc). For me, the biggest take away wasn't the new token distribution - although totally sweet and a brilliant move, in my opinion; I think the effects of this are going to be very positive for us in the upcoming months in-conjunction with mainnet and all of these new VeChain partnerships/clients that will be announced. The biggest takeaway is reading about the first hand experiences - so far - of redditors who post here, who attended and met Sunny and Kevin, and networked. That is huge. Reading a medium article or watching a video, or even watching a panel discussion is NOT the same as meeting someone in person and engaging in a conversation. When you do that, you learn character. Human instinct kicks in and you can read body language and make a different kind of judgement, and if its a positive one - which is all i've ever heard or read about our VeChain team - than you feel more secure and confident, especially in the business you are investing in. Lately, as some of us all know, /r/cc has been a warzone for VeChain. The mods and a few VeChain bashers have been saltier than the ocean. Recently, on /r/cc I read one horrible post/thread in the daily- someone made mention of a documentary about Chinese businesses that scam US investors, legally because of law discrepancies btw the US and China, they were going on and on about VeChain being just like that. Toxicity level: 100 - so much so, a friend called me up who saw the same post and started to act nervous and ask "what ifs".. - this friend holds an incredible amount of VET, he is an XS node holder - I immediately sent him Jim Breyers website and wiki and a few of VeChains best articles - he was reminded and chilled out. My point: FUD s...
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