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A couple observations and notes from the Meetup

Hi, just a couple quick notes on the event. Nothing really technical, just some lighter stuff. 1. As I was walking to the building I saw Sunny Lu & Kevin Feng outside smoking. I recognized them immediately in those sweet hoodies, but didn’t want to bother them because it was a few minutes before the event, let the men rip cigs in peace. 2. We were all given goodie bags upon our entry. Mine had a VeChain coin, a snap bracelet, and an iPhone case which is a screenshot of a Sunny & Kevin twitter convo saying “GoVeChainGo” to each other. The case doesn’t fit my phone, so looks like I‘m getting a new phone tomorrow. 3. I along with two other gentlemen took our seats and a few minutes later Sunny came in and set his stuff down next to us and chatted with us for about 5 minutes. The gentleman next to me came all the way from Seattle to the event and gifted Sunny the book, ‘The Art of War’, which I thought that was pretty cool and also kind of a dick move because I did not have a gift for Sunny so I just kind of sat there and checked my pockets to see if a gift magically would appear. It did not. 4. I must say Sunny was very kind, honest & down to Earth. He told us a few stories & it was easy to see how passionate he is about VeChain and its success. It’s tough to fake the kind of passion he has. Found it interesting that he said he prefers to be more of a behind the scenes guys working with devs than the front man giving speeches, because I think he does an excellent job speaking and articulating his thoughts. 5. He told us that after leaving Louis Vuitton, he told his wife that he was so happy he didn’t have to do PowerPoint presentations anymore and then started laughing because he said now he does more than ever. 6. They got us pizza, wings, salad, and Pepsi which got devored pretty quickly. Interesting they got Pepsi and not...Coca Cola. 7. Speaking of which someone asked if they knew who the Coca Cola Kid was and the crowd laughed, and Sunny didn’t hear the...
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