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Vcash Electron GUI Wallet

Vcash Electron GUI Wallet

Hello Vcashers, we are very excited with the release of the brand new Vcash Electron GUI. This new wallet comes bundled with the Vcash daemon developed by @whphhg with some help from members of the Vcash Community. It features compiled versions for both Linux and Windows OS’s.

It is built on Electron using React and Antd for the presentation layer, MobX for the application state and i18next for internationalization support. You can download the latest version by clicking here!


In this new GUI you can easily toogle the ChainBlender in case you want to transact anonymously on the Vcash network. It works by forming a pool of blended coins within the chain by blending chain inputs to create true, private, untraceable and anonymous sending.

Sending and Receiving

It also features handful charts on how many rewards per day you are getting in case you are running an incentive node, rewards spread, PoW and PoS difficulties and the current network hashrate.


You are also able to easily perform backups of your wallet, dump the wallet seed, encrypt the wallet, change local currency or language (more languages are being added in the next versions), check which nodes you are connected to and many other tasks.


Stay tuned for the latest updates on Vcash by joining our Slack Community and don’t forget to subscribe to our Reddit Channel!

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