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Bitfinex stopped allowing depositing Cardano (ADA) - now my deposit is missing!!!

Two days ago (February 14th), I generated a funding address for ADA at Bitfinex. Afterwards I sent ADA from my kraken account to bitfinex in oder to stake it via Bitfinex in future ( because staking ADA is not possible at kraken). Iam still waiting for a massage from bitfinex that my deposit arrived. Today (February 16th), I logged in at Bitfinex and wanted to navigate to my ADA depositing address. So I opened the wallet menue, clicked at deposit and choose ADA. And now I get the message: "Notice: Deposits for this currency are currently unavailable. For details and information please see recent announcements" Thats very strange, because two days ago, it was possible to generate an ADA address. I already sent ADA to this address. Where is my ADA that I sent to this address??? I can not see it at Bitfinex. The amount of ADA left my kraken withdrawal address and also did not return to this address!!! ​ EDIT (2021-02-17): Today, Bitfinex confirmed my deposit :)))) And right now, it is again possible to deposit ADA. I made another ADA deposit and it arrived 3 minutes later at my Bitfinex account. This is fast! Still wondering, why the first deposit took 3 days.
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