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Solo merged mining UIS tutorial:

Conqueror X11, Lyra2re, Skein, Qubit, Yescrypt pool operators can merge mine for UIS.Here is tutorial how to do it (Lyra2re example):Install prerequisites:sudo apt-get install build-essential git -ysudo apt-get install python2.7-dev -ysudo apt-get install python-zope.interface python-twisted python-twisted-web -yDownload & Compile required hash function:cd ~git clone https://github.com/metalicjames/lyra2re-hash-python.gitcd ~/lyra2re-hash-pythonsudo python setup.py installcd ~sudo rm -rf lyra2re-hash-pythonDownload P2Pool and modern interface:cd ~git clone https://github.com/metalicjames/p2pool-Lyra2RE.gitcd ~/p2pool-Lyra2REmv web-static{,.old}git clone https://github.com/justino/p2pool-ui-punchy web-staticStart P2Pool:First, replace the following with your details -{unitus-username} = RPC Username set in your unitus.conf file{unitus-password} = RPC Password set in your unitus.conf file{ip-address-of-unitus-wallet} = IP address of the computer running the Unitus wallet, or if on same computer as P2Pool{vertcoin-username} = RPC Username set in your vertcoin.conf file{vertcoin-password} = RPC Password set in your vertcoin.conf file{ip-address-of-vertcoin-wallet} = IP address of the computer running the Vertcoin wallet, or if on same computer as P2PoolIf Vertcoin is running on the same machine - ./run_p2pool.py --net vertcoin --merged http://{unitus-username}:{unitus-password}@{ip-address-of-unitus-wallet}:50604 {vertcoin-username} {vertcoin-password}Otherwise -./run_p2pool.py --net vertcoin --merged http://{unitus-username}:{unitus-password}@{ip-address-of-unitus-wallet}:50604 --bitcoind-address {ip-address-of-vertcoin-wallet} {vertcoin-username} {vertcoin-password}As an example:./run_p2pool.py --net vertcoin --merged http://unitus:[email protected]@ vertcoin [email protected] 20:31:02.723822 p2pool (version 08e9611)2016-05-15 20:31:02....
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