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Uniswap graph query inconsistencies

Hello all, I am trying to unedrstand how the graph (V3) works to retrieve token data. Reference the following query, that can be run in the playground here: []( query tokens{tokens(first: 1, skip: 0) {id symbol name volume volumeUSD feesUSD derivedETH tokenDayData( orderBy:date orderDirection:desc first: 2, skip: 0) { id date volume volumeUSD priceUSD feesUSD }}} ​ ​ Problem is, volume/price data doesn't match between the token object and tokenDayData sub object, even though both are for the same toekn (see how ID matches, with the only difference that id in tokenDayData has a timeframe apended (in which format that is, I don't know) Any idea? Shouldn't the token data be the same of the tokenDayData, especially if sorted by Date descending, meaning I am pulling the latest version? Thank you all for your input
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