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The “Problem” with Slack – The Ubiq Report – Medium

The “Problem” with Slack

Currently Slack is considered the defacto standard for larger crypto communities. It does a lot of things very well such as Channels, text communications and 3rd party integrations.

It fails on some key areas:

Poor moderation featuresCertains “hacks” which are actively exploited for phishing and scams

Slack introduced a new direction a week ago which is something we consider a huge exploit. The change is that Usernames are no longer emphasized and no longer unique. You can read more about this in their API update post “A lingering farewell to the username”.

This means that the only Slack unique identifier we can rely on is a person’s email address in their profile.

We consider Ubiq Slack to have implemented some of the most advanced defences against phishers and scammers in the crypto community. Some things we have are active Admins, throttle and captcha controls on Slack signups, extra alerts and hidden signup logic. With the latest change from Slack (non-unique user names) we believe it’s time for a change.

We are trying to balance overall openness of a community with being able to properly moderate with least amount of effort and fend of scammers.

We have made the decision to slowly move our public real-time communications from Slack to Discord. This switch isn’t an immediate thing (we have also been testing out Discord for the past 2 months) but will happen over time. We would like users to sign up now and get familiar with it but we will also be building out some extra tools and moving our bots over. At some point we will declare Discord the official real-time communications channel.

Tars has already been implemented in Discord

One thing that Discord does not do as well as Slack is Channels but we will be building optional channels based on a workaround bot we have observed from Siacoin.

Use this link to sign up to Ubiq Discord: https://discord.gg/HF6vEGF

In the Ub...

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