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My new mining rig + pool questions

The Beast: https://imgur.com/ERIl7LH Highest MH/s on Pool: https://imgur.com/sAxBA7c We just set up our first mining rig (MSI GTX 1070 * 6), and have been working on getting it stable etc. So far I think it's running pretty good, but the 30 minute hash rate on hodl pool seems to fluctuate a lot even tho my hashrate on the command line seems decently stable. Is there a reason for that? Late at night it seems to get a lot faster 200 + MH/s, but some times in the morning it drops down to 130 Mh/s (on the pool website). Just curious as to what effects the hashrate. Thanks for all the info here, it's been fun! Enjoying the whole process.
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