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Ethereum Commonwealth crosschain solutions: DexNS smart-contract naming service

# DexNS is now live! [DexNS main repo](https://github.com/EthereumCommonwealth/DexNS/) is now moved to [Ethereum Commonwealth organization](https://github.com/EthereumCommonwealth). After a half of year in debugging mode the final version of the DexNS contract have been deployed. Here you can find the [Frontend contract](https://gastracker.io/addr/0x5e9b151eb9742c20679e1d96e5c3633678cab724) which allows to register and manage DexNS names and [State storage contract](https://gastracker.io/addr/0x429611c633806a03447391026a538a022e1e2731) which provides access to already-registered names. I think that the Naming Service is ready for mass adoption and I'm planning to implement DexNS support on [ClassicEtherWallet](https://ethereumproject.github.io/etherwallet/) in the near future. # What this project is? [DexNS](https://github.com/EthereumCommonwealth/DexNS) is a smart-contract based Naming Service which allows to assign hex-address and metadata to human-readable Name. In a particular case, it allows you to save ABI and the address of the contract in the blockchain. It also allows you to extract ABI and contract address by Name, which greatly facilitates interaction with contracts for ordinary users. DexNS is designed to be used on crosschain basis so this will allow to register UBIQ contracts as well. # The purpose of this project **The main goal is to significantly boost the usability of smart-contracts for ordinary users.** This Naming Service is specially designed to allow contract developers to make their smart-contracts more user-friendly. We can easily abstract users from **hex-addresses** and **ABIs** now. Furthermore, DexNS can be used on cross chain basis which allows to improve the whole Ethereum and cryptocurrency ecosystem. # DexNS advantages over ENS DexNS and ENS are two different services. They are designed for different purposes, and each of them is more convenient for what was its original purpose. The purpose of DexNS is to boost a m...
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