BLOG - Enmaku (1/6): Introducing Enmaku

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Tornado Cash & Enmaku

Blockchains are transparent by design because every transaction is recorded on a public ledger, and while this is great for transparency, it’s a nightmare for privacy because it means every transaction can be traced. Enter Tornado Cash.

Tornado Cash Interface

Tornado Cash is a well-known project on Ethereum for good reason: they were the first to bring layer 2 privacy from mere research to production.

They achieved this privacy by creating non-custodial shared-pool contracts that users deposit funds into and then withdraw those funds from, without the withdrawals being linked to the original deposits. This, in turn, breaks the traceable path, and the result is financial privacy on a public EVM chain.

Enmaku is a protocol built using Tornado’s core contracts thereby enabling private transactions on Ubiq.

Enmaku’s contracts use the same zk-snarks keys generated by Tornado Cash’s trusted setup ceremony with 1114 contributors. Even if only 1 of the 1114 acts honestly, the keys are secure.

Enmaku Interface

Because the interface is where most users will interact with Enmaku, familiarizing you with how to properly use it will be the main focus of this blog series.

You can launch Enmaku at

Using the interface, users can automate deposits of multiple denominations, privately withdraw them using wallets and relayers, and manage their notes.

In the next post, we’ll go through a high-level overview of the app along with a few settings and other important things to know.