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WeTrust Community Update — July 14 2017. Already 10 days old, next update in couple days probably.

WeTrust Community Update — July 14 2017

Hello folks, WeTrust team here coming at you with our first bi-weekly community update (once every 2 weeks).

We know we’ve been a little slack lately with keeping you guys in the loop about what’s going on, and that’s mainly because we’ve had our heads down since the crowdsale, trying to work out our immediate direction and find some more great people to help us realize that. We’ve taken on board the feedback about providing regular updates, so hopefully this format will be nice and digestible for you all. We’ll try to keep it brief but to the point.


We’re hiring a Product Manager, Software Engineers, and an Office Manager. If you can refer anyone for these positions (and they go on to work for WeTrust for 180 days or more), you’re up for a whopping USD $5000 referral bonus. We’ve been interviewing many talented folks and need your support to refer the best to join us on our mission!

We are currently running a 99designs competition, with a first prize of USD $2799. If you think you can design the best homepage for WeTrust’s website, make sure you get your entries in. Once the design competition closes, we’ll setup a poll and ask YOU for your opinion on the best design and layout that best represents WeTrust.

We’ve had further discussions with Rafa from AhorroLibre and discussing ‘Financial Inclusion Grants’, and are nearing an agreement to help drive Tanda (ROSCA) popularity in Tijuana, Mexico. Details of the collaboration are to be determined shortly, and we’ll make sure to put that up in a separate blog post.


I’ve been helping Hoang out with the phone screening and onsite interviews for potential new Front End Developers, Product Managers, Full Stack Engineers, UI/UX Developers and Office Managers.

I also checked out some larger offices in Palo Alto and Mountain View, the one we’re in currently is a sublet, and can get pretty loud at unexpected times. It’s also a little cramped, and since we’re scaling the team it would be great to have somewhere that we all fit into without touching elbows.

I’ve mapped out a lot of the CoinPool product ideas, and been brainstorming company culture improvements, so that the new old folks feel as comfortable as can be.


I’ve been through over a hundred resumes, whittling them down to a few phone screenings and ultimately on-site interviews. Additionally I’ve worked on new designs for the main website, relaying feedback and translating it into pixels.

I have also begun work on another two WeTrust projects, CoinPool and Catalyst, we’re not saying too much about these just yet but keep your eyes and ears peeled.


I’ve been researching and developing (with my colleagues) a new trading product named ‘Delateral’. Currently we are thoroughly investigating the legal aspects of such a product and looking for an approach that will cooperate WeTrust’s financial inclusion approach whilst abiding by the current regulations. I’ve been very involved in market research for the platform, as well as pulling together the whitepaper, which is almost ready.


The past couple of days I’ve been working on content for the new website. The goal is to communicate clearly and effectively what WeTrust stands for, what our products do, and what we envision for our future as a company. I’ve also been working on a product survey that we’ll be sending out to our community soon, to give us a sense of how to focus certain features of our product.


I’ve been working closely with Cooper, our UI/UX contractor to build out the frontend for our revamped TLC (ROSCA) product. It should be complete within a week. We’ll then work on implementing the rest of backend logic and getting everything plugged in and tested.

I’ve also been exploring options to use ETH addresses to securely login instead of traditional methods (similar to the way https://dapp.lemon.email does it), this way it should save a little effort (you won’t have to type in username/password every time) and it should be a lot more secure, since we’re using message signing to login.


The past couple of weeks I have been working with Mivsam on Delateral. Again unfortunately we can’t say too much more about what it is (thanks, lawyers), as we’re still in the middle of getting legal and regulatory counsel about any public description of the product (and indeed creating it at all).

We have a whitepaper pretty much ready to go, and we’ve done some minor initial development. Hopefully our continued chats with lawyers will be fruitful and we can release some more details in the near future.

Other than that, I’ve interviewed a couple of candidates for developer roles, and one for Product Manager. Stay tuned for news of new hires, and if you know anyone looking to make waves in the crypto/fintech scene, send them here: https://wetrust.workable.com/


I’ve been leading the delateral product development, with my very skilled teammates Brian and Mivsam. As they mentioned, we unfortunately cannot shed too much light on the product yet, but we’re doing a thorough analysis of the market needs (including analysing every single ETH transfer ever) and the regulators, as well as the technical feasibility of the product. Initial results look promising!


I’ve mainly been working on the website revamp, incorporating feedback from the community.

I’m done brainstorming for Catalyst and have created some wireframes, soon I’ll begin to flesh those out and add some colour to ensure they’re on-brand.

Slack Exploits

We know there have been a lot of teams in the crypto community hit by Slack scammers, people are abusing the Slackbot reminder service to send out phishing messages to other users. We’re sorry this is still taking place, Slack’s response has basically been that we shouldn’t be using it for non-trusted communication. We have looked at a couple of other chatroom-style options for community engagement, but for now we have decided to stick with Slack since it’s where most of our community already hang out, and we’re hoping that most people are getting wise to the scams going round.

That being said, if things get worse and we decide that we need more admin control over the chat environment, we’ll reevaluate a move to another platform and let you know in the next update. Please continue to report scammers to the team in slack, either @blorange or @damo are your best bets for a quick response.

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