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TrumpCoin CauseFund #1 has started - Contributing to the southern border security project

We will be starting shortly on our first of many 'causes' for TrumpCoin. The TrumpCoin CauseFunds will be instrumental in two ways; 1. Supporting the cause determined by the TrumpCoin team and/or the TrumpCoin investors. 2. Supporting in the TrumpCoin currency's growth and prosperity for its investors. Since we're past the point of supporting President Donald J. Trump's campaign for the presidency it's time to move onto his agenda. And the first item on his agenda that most Trump voters were interested in was the building of the 'Wall' across the southern border of the U.S. between the United States and Mexico. As far as the TrumpCoin team is concerned the security of the country is the primary reason. To that end, TrumpCoin will be creating TrumpCoin CauseFund #1. **TrumpCoin Cause Fund #1 Contributing to the southern border security project between the United States and Mexico** 1. Proceeds and contributions will be accepted in TrumpCoin, Bitcoin or Paypal. 2. Contributions will be used as determined by the contributors. The funds will be used for actual construction support, after construction support, contractor frontline employee support, etc. We'll put together some form of verifiable voting mechanism that contributors can choose from. 3. Funds and contributions will be collected and controlled by an outside escrow firm or legitimate organization. No TrumpCoin team member will have access to any contributions. 4. Contributions will be forwarded to the chosen party or selected group from item #3 above. A receipt of the distribution of the specific CauseFund will be provided to the TrumpCoin community to prove the legitimate hand-off of funds. Although many details are yet to be finalized we believe we're on a good track to make TrumpCoin a popular and successful alt-currency with the direction of the CauseFunds. [TrumpCoin Website](
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