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this is a scam - i'm giving you an opportunity to prove me wrong

Just found out about this new Crypto from an ad on a jewish discussion board. I did a bit of research and found out that "TrumpCoin" is not only *NOT* a registered LLC as the site claims it is in the disclaimer in the website footer but also the "team members" listed on the site do not exist. I've seen many forum posts claiming that the "mastermind" behind this didn't do too well a job of protecting himself and his dox will be released in due time. THAT I certainly don't condone nor do I know whether or not it is true but thought I would point out anyway, as him or his helpers being exposed to hundreds of angry Crypto fans that are tired of the community being given a bad name would almost certainly bring about the inevitable exit scam. And I can't even imagine what some of the /pol/ readers will do if this were to happen, after the owner spammed the boards with ads on a daily bases. Judging by previous posts by the mods, I'm going to go ahead and assume that the mods of this sub are "in on it" so to speak. Therefore I fully expect this post to be removed with no attempt at defending TrumpCoin. If so, it won't matter since I intend to screenshot this and spread it to other subs.
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