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You are the CEO and founder of an exciting young startup. Your company is going to change the world. You’re passionate and ambitious - just like the people you work with. There’s just one big hurdle to overcome.


Securing enough funds to develop your business is frustrating, painful job. Endless meetings, pitches, long video calls…. Surely, there have to be quicker, easier ways.

Have you considered crowdfunding ?

OpenLedger provides a full service marketing, consulting, and support program to make your crowdfund a success.

You can rest assured that our team of highly experienced professionals will cover every aspect of your crowdfund campaign.

Here’s how we work.

Our Pre-crowdfund services will give you the best chance of a big raise. It includes, amongst other things : media coverage, advertising, regulatory and legal analysis, marketing and business strategy, website design and hosting, PR, content creation, whitepaper creation, translations, and of course ; video production.

During the crowdfund itself, we handle every aspect of asset creation and distribution.
Our extensive network of PR specialist and marketers will bring you a lot of attention - and this translates directly into funds raised. And we’ve raised millions.

It’s time to take that exciting next step and crowdfund your way to success.

OpenLedger will be your partner.

OpenLedger - smart funding, decentralised

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