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Let's get trumpcoin listed on poloniex

TrumpCoin Investors! It's time we get TrumpCoin listed on the two larger exchanges, Poloniex and Bittrex. There is no reason why we, as a Bitcoin based alt-currency coin should not be listed by now. TrumpCoin (TRUMP) has been in existence and operation since March 2016 and has grown and expanded with a large worldwide following. And as such we believe it's time we get listed alongside the other coins, many of which are not even comparable in popularity, promise, worldwide interest, and support as TrumpCoin. So we ask your support in getting listed on the Poloniex Exchange. There is a Google form that needs to be filled and submitted by each supporter/investor. Thank you!! Devs --------------------------- Poloniex link for coin submission: Fill in the form, then click on submit. Here is the data to fill in the request with What is the name of the coin? >>>> TrumpCoin What is the coin's symbol? >>>> TRUMP Please link to the announcement page >>>> If the coin has a website, please link it here. >>>> If the coin has a block explorer, please link it here. >>>> Please explain why you would like to see this coin added to the exchange. >>>> Enter your own explanation of why you want TRUMP listed If this coin has any significant innovations over other coins, please elaborate on them here. >>>> Optional: What is your name in the Poloniex exchange chatbox? >>>> Are you the developer of this coin or otherwise affiliated with it? * Yes No
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