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How To Buy Trump Coin Before The Inauguration! Everything You Need; Apps Included!

A Friend Of Mine Asks; "How To Buy Trump Coin With A Credit Card?" I replied; " You Can't, Technically." I Went On To Briefly Explain What I Think Would Be The Easiest Way For Him To Proceed. "Easiest Way To Buy Trump Coin With Credit/Debit Card" 1.) Download (Mycelium Bitcoin wallet) app from android playstore. While your there download the "Google 2 Step Verification app too, and if you don't have it Already get your Trump Coin Wallet" Synce all of the accounts and be sure there enabled with two factor authenticaton. (Via the Google App or Authy App) "All Links Will Be Listed At The Bottom." 1.) Go to 3.) Make account on coin mamma. 4.) buy Bitcoin with credit card. This process is advertised to take an hour but I just received a message saying "Due To Heavy User Loads Transactions May Take Up To 12 Hours" simply follow the steps on the screen and verify your account to gain access to Bitcoin purchases. While in checkout be sure to copy your Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet Address Into the page to be sure your address is 100 % correct. Now you wait... 5.) While waiting to receive your Bitcoins open an account on exchange. This is where your trump coins are. Once your BTC has arrived and your C-Cex Account is set up and verified ( You can also use Cryptopia Exchange ) simply send the desired amount of BTC from your Mycelium to your marketplace account. 8.) Once this has been done it will take another half hour or so for your funds to show up in your c-cex account. Once there credited buy trump coins with your btc balance. Your coins will be credited to your c-cex account balance instantly and then you can copy and paste your (Receive) trump coin address into the c-cex withdrawl box. The transfer will take a few minutes and will require a email confirmation. Now you have trump coins. Its a bitch of a process but you have everything you need to pull it off. I'm about to sit down to dinner with the fam....
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