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Help with: Error loading blkindex.dat

I haven't opened my wallet in the past few weeks, and I check up on it to find this error. How do I fix this? Google hasn't been of very much help. The last block in my debug file reads as follow: TrumpCoin version v1.0.0.0 (4/11/2016 4:14AM) Using OpenSSL version OpenSSL 1.0.1l 15 Jan 2015 Startup time: 11/10/16 01:23:22 Default data directory C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\TrumpCoinV2 Used data directory C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\TrumpCoinV2 LogDir=C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\TrumpCoinV2\database ErrorFile=C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\TrumpCoinV2\db.log Bound to [::]:8468 Bound to Loading block index... Opening LevelDB in C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\TrumpCoinV2\txleveldb Transaction index version is 80000 Opened LevelDB successfully LoadBlockIndex(): hashBestChain=9c20a0f3506680f0ba9f height=408505 trust=84285135453 date=10/09/16 18:22:41 LoadBlockIndex(): synchronized checkpoint 0000708a8ef26f57d75646e187313764c0c03f567efee416765d12759e80f24d Verifying last 2500 blocks at level 1 ERROR: CheckProofOfWork() : nBits below minimum work ERROR: CBlock::ReadFromDisk() : errors in block header ERROR: LoadBlockIndex() : block.ReadFromDisk failed
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