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Zethyr Finance - APY returns for lending your money instead of using justlend.

I'm not sure if there is a lot of knowledge around the Tron ecosystem so I wanted to showcase a dapp probably every Friday for the foreseeable future. That means I'll be testing them as well. **The one I wanted to highlight today:** [Zethyr.Finance](https://Zethyr.Finance) and [Zethyr.Exchange](https://Zethyr.Exchange) are 2nd place winners in the DeFi Hackathon that the Tron Foundation set up a couple months ago. They will also be setting up on the Binance Smart Chain in the coming week. I've been playing around with them for a bit just to get familiar. What makes them great is that they are an alternative to JustLend. They allow you to supply TRX, BTT, USDT, and WIN and in return get some pretty good APY on your investment. You can also borrow from them as well. If you take a look at the APY's they rebalance each day (That means they fluctuate depending on what's been supplied/borrowed). **TRX** has been hovering around a **16-18% APY**. **USDT** around **13%** APY and **BTT 13%** APY as well. This is way better than voting rewards or JustLend currently. \*Edit\* **WIN** has been having recently **16%** APY's also **you will receive your win drops along with the interest APY.** [Zethyr.Exchange](https://Zethyr.Exchange) has a **decentralized exchange** (Dex) for trading, a **swap** so you can swap your TRON coins to something else (This checks rates on both Binance and Justswap and picks the better one), and a **stable coin swap** for converting USDT(TRC20) to USDT(ERC20) if you needed to. Anyways hope this was helpful! Their **telegram** is []( I am not affiliated with Zethyr Finance, but I do use their lending platform when Just lend APYS are low.
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