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wtrx and bnkr LP disappeared in bankroll pool, help needed

yesterday, I had a very bad experience, I'm quite new in the Tron universe. I used my tron wallet to swap and add liquidity to many pools before but yesterday I wanted to join a bankroll pool wtrx and bnkr token to farm. I could not stake on the bankroll website but the it appeared to me that my token had vanished. When I go to just swap I can't see my part of the pool. I was tired and incompetent. I don't know what happened. Here are the last 4 transactions I did with wtrx and bnkr. wtrx ceb3fbbb4b9c378878b90564ea5c7512fe2d085d2128d643b4fdb4b70f429924 461419b383ac95b4d0bf7f81691132f8803396cd339a461cf8edb843d8839631 bnkr 115620366fedaf73d513ebe01d1b6fe3e1541b1f97fcd3088defbc7e5d1261d6 011180613c01ab84dffa6f1186649e6428196ca37eef06ff51051dd12cddcca7 I guess that for someone who can read tronscan sheet properly it must be easy to understand what I did and maybe where I should find the LP wtrx Bnkr or the two token. Thank you in advance. I promise to study more to be more independant. Pierre
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