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What are the implications of Binance taking nearly 60% of SR votes?

So first off, Binance freezing 12 ~~million~~ billion TRON is good for TRON, so thank you Binance. However, TRON has benefited heavily from the top SRs, and now those same SRs won't be able to fund as many dapp developers, projects, and/or won't be able to maintain/expand the servers they're running. So what's going to happen in the long run? Does Binance plan on running servers and/or paying out rewards? **update** [Binance tweeted]( this that they will support staking rewards **update2** binance displaying 1 to 3% for tron on their staking page. As far as I can tell, the SR rewards will be dropping from around 4% to around 2% since binance is going to draw more from the rewards pool, but not enough time has passed on trongoodies website to give an accurate assessment
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