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USTX listing today on Coinsbit, right after JST and NFT. Go Tronix! After reaching a +300% over launchpad price USTX is ready to keep going #UpOnly

**What is USTX? It's a token driven by a DEX with a dynamic reserve minting/burning algorithm:** ✅ When the market is growing and people are buying, the DEX contract mints a small percentage of new tokens to increase the reserve liquidity. ✅ When the market is weak and people are selling, the DEX contract burns a percentage of tokens to sustain the price at the cost of reducing the reserve liquidity. The price falls a lot less than a normal AMM DEX. Volatility is reduced and the uptrend is more consistent. ✅ The strength of the price managing action depends on the reserve level that the contract keeps around a certain target level. **With USTX there will be no need to switch to stablecoins during bear market to reduce the losses. One token for consistent growth during all market conditions.** [Last month USTX price]( The DEX allows swapping USTX with the most diffused stablecoins: USDT, USDC, USDJ and TUSD. The liquidity reserve is made of the same 4 tokens and it's locked in the contract forever. **The contract does not have a function to withdraw the liquidity, rug pulls are not possible!** The smart contracts have been audited before being deployed to assure the maximum possible degree of protection against bugs in the code and malicious activity. Deployed on Tron: decentralized with low fees and low environmental impact. **Roadmap update: Coinsbit CEX listing, Partnerships, Staking!** [2021 Roadmap]( **Tokenomics** 💎27M supply 💎21% in locked DEX reserve 💎7% for development, marketing and listings 💎12% for team resources (locked in vesting contracts on-chain) 💎60% in holders wallets and other LP (SunSwap) 💎$1,100,000 mcap 💎1% fee only on sell transactions **Launchpad completed,** raising more than 100,000$ ...
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