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USDT farming pool on Tron - Innovation in the DeFi space

What if you could stake a coin and directly farm USDT in a pool? ​ Well, it is now possible on the Uswap platform to do so. Uswap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Tron blockchain which is basically the Uniswap V2 smart contract adapted to the Tron blockchain. It allows for exchange of various coins, starting Monday even wrapped Doge will be on the exchange. It is fully audited by [SlowMist](, who also did the audit for Binance and many other renowned exchange. On [Uswap](, there are 2 essential tokens that can be farmed, UME and EFT. UME is the governance token of Uswap, and EFT is the governance token of the EclipCity ecosystem, which aims to be the first BAAS - Blockchain as a Service - marketplace. The project is still in its initial phase, but already there are thousands of users from all over the globe farming the tokens. ​ From January to about 2 weeks ago, it was possible to farm the very scarce EFT, which has a supply of only 55,000 coins. And starting this Monday, this is the coin that will be used for the first-ever pure USDT farming pool. ​ **On May 31rst, 250 000 USDT will be added in the Eclipcity Rewards pool, which will run for 3 weeks. And those who hold EFT will be able to freeze their EFT for the duration of this pool in order to mine USDT.** ​ Since the pool runs for 3 weeks, each day 11 904.76 USDT will be awarded to the EFT holders based on their percentage of the total number of EFT in the pool. Also, it will still be possible to use the EFT in the liquidity pools to mine UME with an APY of 100-150%. These pools are EFT/LTC, EFT/BTC, EFT/ETH. ​ I'm sure there will be many EFT holders who won't partake in the USDT pool as the liquidity rewards will be higher. This means that not all the 55 000 UME will be in the USDT pool, thus increasing the hold...
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