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Unable to unstake from trx on Ledger device: Invalid data received 0x6a80

I have staked some trx in the smart contract at []( using Ledger Nano S, the Tron app and Tronlink. I was successfully able to complete the interaction with the smart contract in order to stake the trx. Now I want to unstake my trx and claim the staking reward, I receive the error Ledger device: Invalid data received (0x6a80). I am unable to to unstake or transfer the staked trx into a new staking pool. In short, as it stands the trx is locked away, inaccessible and lost. I have 'Allow Data' and 'Custom Contracts' settings in the Tron app both set to 'Yes', I've tried disabling and re-enabling, but there is no change. A similar error has been reported with the Ethereum app in the past and the fix for those issues was to update the app and Firmware. My current firmware is 1.5.5. Anyone else having similar issues? What wallets are working best for staking at [](
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