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Tron Working with the UNDP on SDGs is a highly strategic move (Binance Blockchain Charity Foundation)

Every major organization in the world today has sustainable development as part of its core strategy. This is driven by the fact that the world is now more conscious about sustainability issues. Sustainability is so important in the 21st century that even the UNDP places it as part of its core long-term objectives in eradicating global poverty. In essence, any blockchain that aligns itself with sustainable development goals stands to have an edge in terms of adoption, going into the future. That’s exactly why Tron (TRX) is uniquely positioned for growth in coming years.

That’s because Tron is actively working with Binance’s Blockchain Charity Foundation in their partnership with the UNDP to solve social problems.  Tron through its founder Justin Sun has already committed to supporting this program as can be seen in his statement below.

“Tron is looking forward to collaborating with BCF to contribute to SDG achievement with industry leaders worldwide.”

This partnership will have a wide array of implications to the Tron network. First, the Tron blockchain could see a wider adoption by global multinationals looking to leverage on the power of blockchain technology. That’s because, adopting the Tron blockchain gives such organizations an edge, in terms of the efficiency that blockchain brings. On top of that, it allows such organizations to leverage on Tron’s alignment with sustainable development goals as a PR tool. Such high levels of adoptions will play a huge role to Tron (TRX)’s growth going into the future. This will see Tron slowly rise to the top in crypto rankings.

Besides, by working with high-level institutions like the UNDP, there is a good chance that Tron (TRX) could gain in adoption by such institutions too. In a press release announcing the partnership between UNDP and blockchain charity foundation, the assistant secretary general of the United Nations and Director of the Regional Bureau of Asia and Pacific said the following...

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