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TRON (TRX) Pays Hackers $25,000 for Helping to Tighten the Code

In order to improve its systems, Justin Sun has recently started a Tron bug bounty program. So far, the program seems to be very successful, and the crypto has already handed out up to $25,000 in total to hackers skilled enough to uncover hidden vulnerabilities.

Tightening the Code

The bug bounty programs are nothing new in the world of online security. In fact, their popularity has been on a rise for quite some time now. Mostly, bug bounty programs have been used by different companies that wish to check their codes and security to prevent hacking attacks, leaks, and other forms of security breaches.

Due to the recent launch of its MainNet, and multiple processes that were following it, TRON has decided to do the same, and make sure that its systems are truly as good as they can be. The launch of the program was back in May of this year, and the results have already been showing.

So far, TRON bug bounty has paid up to $25,000 to various hackers that agreed to help the crypto with checking its new blockchain. It would seem that the number of bugs and flaws have already been detected by multiple skilled individuals, and TRON has rewarded them for their contribution.

Now, it would seem that TRON is trying to step up its game, and has started offering a completely new set of payouts.

TRON Offers Even More Money for bugs

It is believed that the seriousness of some of the bugs, or at least the large number of them, has inspired TRX’s team to offer even larger rewards for big bugs. This proves that the team is serious in its plan to secure the blockchain, and they wish to leave no flaws undiscovered.

Despite the fact that the crypto has already paid up to $25,000 for the uncovered bugs, they clearly believe that there is more to be found. Because of that, they have introduced three new levels of bug severity, each of them accompanied by a different payout.

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