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TRON SR Election: Charity Compassion Coin: “Giving Trust Back Into The Hands Of Humanitarian Compassion.” 🕊


Blockchain Technology Innovations To Better Serve The World.

Charity Compassion Coin to be to voted to become an SR, has the capability to raising Charitable Giving Globally.

Charity Compassion Coin succeeds in rewarding its SR voter community every day with TRON TRX block node production rewards, fulfilling charitable campaign fundings, the United Nation's, UNICEF and the OCHA ROSC. Charity Compassion Coin pledges itself toward these organizations by helping meet their needed humanitarian funds globally towards healing suffering.

Creative Commons Sources:

World Hunger - Unicef
Clarence UNICEF club video.
Please help fight world hunger.

UNICEF | For Every Child
Subscribe to UNICEF here: Continue on

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