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Tron JoBs Project: Crypto Travels

Decentralized JoBs Project: Crypto Travels JoBs is the first ever job creation and performance reward token. This project will be the first attempt for a community,Tronics, to build their very own community jobs reward market. These jobs can be ranged from DAPP development built on the Tron Network to community services. A community pool of TRX gained from participants will go to bounties for job creation platforms built atop the Tron network where JoBs can be exchanged as reward for completing jobs. The First JoBs Project: Crypto Travels Crypto Travels will be the first truly decentralized travel agency service built atop the foundation of blockchain. Whether you’re a modest hodler or the crypto whale, Crypto Travels allows you to vacation, road trip, event attend, or fly for business without the hassle of swapping out your cryptocurrency to fiat when on the road. Built on the tron network, Crypto Travel aims to offer incentives for travelers who utilize Tron’s JoBs token. Tron users now have a way to plan business meetups or community vacations that offers networking or maybe even love finding opportunities all in crypto. Whatever is your need, Crypto Travels is the way indeed. Crypto Travels does NOT and will NOT belong to any sole owner or owners. It is a decentralized job creation service to be built upon the Tron network that aims to create jobs in the travel and leisure market. Any decisions added to the platform will be up to TRON users or Super Representatives and elected seers over specific JoBs Projects. Why should you participate: Job Creation: When Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, he did so to free the people of centralized and manipulated fiat currencies, but it is up to you early adopters to free the people of centralized labor. Crypto Travels aims to use bounties for people who choose to work on its network as a travel agent. Agents may bring in their own clients or add their number to a pool that systematically takes turns directing calls. Th...
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