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Team Tronics Rewards Program [Kilroy]

I want to provide you with brief context into our new reward program released today. On July 15th (exact time to-be-determined), We are Airdropping everything we've earned since elections began on June 26th. Your individual airdrop amount will be based on your average votes in relation to total average votes for TT, as follows: (your average votes / TT average votes) x total rewards earned from June 26 to July 14. We are also backing out our Core members votes from the Airdrop calculation so that none of us receive voter rewards from our personal votes. From July 15 to July 31, we will daily Airdrop 100% of rewards we earn each day. Beginning on August 1st, our daily Airdrop rate will be 85% with 15% used to cover primarily IT infrastructure costs and development. As a SR, it's critical that we invest in our technology in order to help maintain peak performance of the TRON Network. In the background, we will continue our development of Tronics University and our other Community Support Programs. We will have exciting news to share with you over the next few months. To make all this happen, though, it starts with votes! Community members, let's get another community SR in the top 27 and start earning you some more rewards! Thank you all for your continued support and please spread awareness of Team Tronics and TRON SR voting. Stay tuned for more exciting developments over the next week!
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