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Sun Mining Confusion

I'm going to admit I'm a little confused. From Sept 2-16 I had all my TRX staked in the genesis mining pool. Today I transferred it over to the Trx mining pool which is where it currently resides. What I am confused about to my understanding is this Trx mining pool is only up for another 14 days, after that I will HAVE to purchase LP tokens to be able to mine Sun.... for simplicity lets just say I go with Sun/Trx LP so I can min Sun in that pool. ​ But another user on here made this thread about Impermanent losses ([\_lp\_mining\_and\_impermanent\_loss/]( From reading it and the link he/she posted about Uniswap it sounds to me like something I would prefer to stay away from as I have quite a lot of Trx and I don't wish to expose myself to even more risk than crytpo currently provides. If I just want to continue holding my original Trx (that Ive been holding for the past 2 years) can I only mine Sun for the next 2 weeks or will I be able to continue mining Sun with just my Trx and not have to worry about Impermanent losses.
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