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Staking is a fundamental utility of TRON like it is for many other blockchains, providing core functions to the chain. Of these functions, encouraging community interaction is the most critical to a blockchain's ability to develop. Comments to TRON Proposal 53 👇

tip: 53 title: TRC53: Optimize the current TRON delegation mechanism author: lvs007 <[email protected]> discussions to: category: TRC status: draft created: 2019-07-31 Simple Summary This doc describes a solution to optimize the current TRON delegation mechanism Abstract At present, the TRON's delegation mechanism is that the user votes for the node. If the node is elected sr, then each block will reward sr with 32 TRX, and the top 100 votes will receive additional rewards; if the node does not give the user dividends, then users can not get rewards, it can not improve the enthusiasm of users to vote, resulting in a lower mortgage rate on the whole network. Current Situation The current setting for block production rewards is 32 TRX per block. The block production cycle is 3 seconds. For every six hours, there will be two production cycles counting the votes without packing the blocks. Thus, the number of blocks packed by TRON blockchain is 86400 / 3 - 2 * 4 = 28792. Thus, the daily rewards for block production are 32TRX/block * 28792 block = 921344 TRX. The voting rewards are 16 TRX per block. So the daily voting rewards stands at 16TRX/block * 28800 block = 460800 TRX. Such incentive mechanism encourages nodes to participate in the election of supernodes. By being a part of the production process and benefiting from it, the nodes have a stake in the game and keep the network runs smoothly. Those who didn't get elected would also receive voting rewards depending on the number of votes they got. The combination of production rewards and voting rewards takes all parties in the network into consideration and provides an enabling environment for nodes to contribute to the TRON network. Let's look deeper into the on-chain data and the operation of TRON blockchain. Currently, the volume of votes in the network is around 8.2 billion, taking up only less than 10% of the total number of votes. The reaso...
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