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rust-tron: The wallet client that really rocks, key management, support almost all API calls, easy contract call

rust-tron Rust implementation of the Tron whitepaper. This project is under active development. TODOs quickstart > # install rust-nightly > curl -sSf | sh -s -- --default-toolchain nightly > rustup component add rustfmt > # install protoc > brew install protobuf # macOS > sudo pacman -S protobuf # ArchLinux > sudo apt install protobuf-compiler libprotobuf-dev # Ubuntu / Debian > # get code > git clone --recurse-submodules > # compile tools > cd ./rust-tron/ > cargo build --all > # time to rock !!! > ./target/debug/wallet-cli --help > # or use testnet toolset > ./ wallet-cli A command-line tool which let developers interact Tron Protocol as well as deploy, test smart contracts. NOTE: Always use --help to get hint about how to use the command. All System Contracts Support and corresponding wallet-cli commands Chain Lookup get subcommand account Retrieve an account from the blockchain account_permission Retrieve account permision info from the blockchain account_resource Retrieve energy and bandwidth usage of an account asset Get details of a TRC10 token block Retrieve a full block from the blockchain brokerage Get brokerage info, voting sharing ratio contract Get details of a smart contract node Get current connected node state information proposal Get details of a proposal reward Get reward info, the unwithdrawn voting reward transaction Retrieve a transaction from the blockchain transaction_info Retrieve receipt of atransaction list subcommand asset Retrieve list of all tokens exchange Retrive list of all exchanges node List the nodes which is connecting to the network parameter List chain parameters prop...
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