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Congratulations Tron community, for being gullible.

Time passes, technology evolves, yet stupidity and greed remain constant. You voted for ALLE_Exchange based on promises and greed. You voted for Andrew Popp, a guy who was in charge of fixing Tronstronics rewards, but instead started contacting people convincing them to come vote for his yet-to-be created SR candidate. It all went downhill from there.

Democracy works, but it has a major flaw that can destroy the entire thing. I’m referring to voting based on promises, not results. It’s not wrong to have faith in a project, especially in the Tron universe, where most of the elected SRs have started from nothing more than an idea. But it’s a long way from having a bit of faith, to voting for a SR candidate which doesn’t have a node running or a project. I get it. You got some TARQ and BRE as a little incentive (bribe) to vote for this guy. Not an excuse.

Let’s talk a bit about the man of the hour

Andrew Popp. He is a man of words. I have no doubt many will believe what he says and promises even after reading this article. Andrew knows exactly what to say to make you think he is legit. Unfortunately for his voters, Andrew is also a man that doesn’t know what he is doing. As he admitted himself, he has no clue how the Tron Network works. He has no idea how a node works, how to set it up or how to code in Solidity. He claims he has a team of people helping him with this “technical stuff”. I think the entire community would love to meet these wonderful, qualified people.

Let’s talk a bit about his project

What project? I’m not even going to bother trying to explain to the ALLE_Exchange voters the importance of a whitepaper, roadmap, objectives, team, knowledge, competition and marketing strategy. Not to mention reputation. And I’m focusing on reputation, because ALLE_Exchange’s reputation right now is 0. Besides the voters Andrew “convinced” to “believe” i...

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