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Projects from Tron, Bittorrent, Wink, Just, SUN

Tron has brought out some promising projects over the past two years. Bittorrent, Wink, Just, SUN. Unfortunately, all of these projects have something in common. After a brief hype, they fell into the basement. With every new project there are always a few stupid, greedy or greenhorns who still use their money ... and lose. Many lawsuits can be read on Twitter and Co. Where there are losers, there are also winners! The system of announcements, promises, new coins, pump and dump is putting millions of dollars in their coffers. But this game is damaging the Tron Blockchain and maybe even throwing it out of the race for the ultimate goal. I think Vitalik Buterin is secretly delighted with Justin Sun's Pump & Dump deals as he throws himself out of the running. The blockchain, which is at the top at the end, is not about millions of dollars. It's about trillions of dollars and its makers are going to be very, very powerful people in the world. Maybe we will see a surprising SUNrise after all :-)
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