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Offering my limited edition NFT for TRX / BTT

Hello everyone. I am an art student who's navigating their way in life and learning. I wanted to join the community and the Tron economy for a awhile now. I am so excited to join this vibrant community after some time reading about it. I am fairly new to cryptocurrency, and I love how it brought freedom to the masses. It's not about getting rich overnight but its about reclaiming dignity and freedom. I want to invest in TRX but still unable to at the time being so I'm offering my first limited edition NFT that is residing in the WAX blockchain in exchange for TRX and offering a discount for the community as well. WAX is extremely affordable now, and you won't struggle with insane network fees or anything like that for you to own an NFT. You can check my NFT [here]( ✨ You are free to resell it afterwards and make profit. I'd be as happy for you. If you decide to purchase my NFT you can split the payment in TRX & BTT if that suits you. Lastly, you'll get an authentication certificate with the artwork as proof of ownership on the blockchain.
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