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NFTs and NFT Marketplace on tron

We recently saw one of the rarest NFTs the masked alien cryptopunk got sold for 12 million$ yesterday. NFTs on tron are still on their initial phase. There is Tpunks( NFT Collectible on tron they ranks first in dappradar among the tron Collectibles. Tpunks are the cryptopunks on tron blockchain 10000 unique(defined rariety with filters) punks just like the cryptopunks. They even have 11/10000 different justin sun Tpunks they look so cool. And with the current trend I am expecting them to get sold for huge. Out of 10000 Tpunks 3400+ have already been minted( it's random you won't know what tpunk you will be getting so if you get some rare one it will be amazing) is a tron NFT Marketplace for artists to mint their own arts as NFTs and auction it. Pretty cool isn't it. Uswap Dex is also developing an NFT Marketplace. Uswap has huge volume ( According to dappradar it's 3rd biggest dapp on tron) and big community, so NFTs will definitely have good future once it is developed and done.
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