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Justin Sun likes tron punks NFT ! Tpunks on fire !"

Dear Tronix, This is an update about the tpunks NFTs on TRON. For those who don't know yet what tpunks (Tron punks) are, they are the equivalent of crypto punks NFT version for TRON network, quite similar but with some additional attributes and most important an additional type of punk, the JustinSun, probably one of the most wanted tpunk 😉 Imagine what such an NFT collection could give on such a good network as TRON ! The minting phase of the 10,000 tpunks was finished in a hurry (it only took 2 crazy weeks to mint the last 5,000 tpunks) just a few days ago. The marketplace is now available, tpunks can be bought and sold there: []( Last but not least, Justin SUN himself has shown his interest in tpunks, he tweeted about it ([]( and he is now following tpunks official Twitter account ;) Hurry guys, there are still few nice tpunks at cheap price on the marketplace, but we believe it won't last long! Some of them have already been sold for 100,000 TRX, and some others got even similar or higher bids ! All useful social links for tpunks are the following: **Official Website**: []( **Official Telegram**: []( **Official Tweeter**: [\_official]( **Marketplace**: []( **Telegram Marketplace Feed BOT**: []( **Twitter Marketplace Feed BOT**: []( Have fun !
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