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Is this News true or False?😱

Simon Morris, former Chief Strategy Officer at BitTorrent, believes that TRON won’t be able to manage BitTorrent’s high rate of transactions. His statement comes only a few days after TRON announced that it was going to launch BitTorrent crypto tokens on Binance Launchpad.

In an interview with blockchain magazine BREAKER, Morris said that the network would likely continue the tokenization process on a different network.

I suspect that what they’re really going to do is they’ll do it on some central server, they’ll wave their hands and say, ‘Oh, it’s a Lightning Network for TRON,’ or something, and pretend it’s TRON-based, but it’s not really TRON-based.

Morris has a reason for believing the project would fail. During his time at BitTorrent, he observed that the tokenization process would require hundreds of transactions per second (TPS) in the beginning. He said that even though TRON claimed that its TPS rate was higher than Ethereum’s, it was a lie. If BitTorrent used the TRX network in the future, it would “literally destroy it.”

From Plagiarizing White Papers to Ignoring Evidence

In January 2018, people started noticing that TRON had plagiarized IPFS and Filecoin’s white paper. The team took down the paper; however, they failed to acknowledge their mistake.

Morris said that he talked to TRON’s founder Justin Sun and advised him to explain to the public that he was “young” and “scrappy.” Instead of ignoring the situation, he should state that he had moved on and was “sincerely building things.” However, Sun replied, “We have come to consensus that this did not happen. And we have moved on.”

But apart from the cryptocurrency’s team, no one was ready to forget the incident. While tweeting that TRON was better than Ethereum, Sun ended up being trolled by Ethereum’s creator Vitalik Buterin.

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