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Is there a simple method to sell TRX in the US?

Are there any exchanges in the US that I can send TRX to? Or a way I can sell TRX for BTC or another coin that is supported on Coinbase. USDT is not supported on Coinbase. I can no longer use Binance to do such trades as I was told by them yesterday. I sent my BTC and LTC, to my Coinbase wallet no issues. But know i have TRX just sitting there in my Tlink wallet. I have no plans to sell TRX or BTT anytime soon but i would like to know how. Why does this have to be a pain in the ass. Oh BTW, im in Washington state. All the TECH in the state and so many restrictions on crypto in fact alot of crypto companies left because of the restrictions, Kraken, Poloniex being 2. Thank you for your time.
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