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Introducing Scatter Bridge

Introducing Scatter Bridge

Dec 7

Something that I spend a lot of time thinking about is how to get Scatter to be easier to use. Little by little, we are getting there — the latest release Nathan has been building is a huge step in the right direction and it has been a grand adventure.

But this article isn’t about that new release. I think that I want to talk about EOS as a whole and how the ecosystem seems to expect users to understand a whole encyclopedia of concepts before they can really do anything. Accounts, governance, voting, keys, CPU, NET, and RAM, permissions, et al.

There is a lot of panic right now in the EOS community about the price of the token which is at the core of the system. It has tanked, and hard. A lot of people have lost of a lot of money. That kind of thing naturally causes jitters.

I believe in this set of technologies which we are building on, and I think that once the markets calm down we will see a rise in price which is the market acknowledging that the system itself has value.

But, it also seems to me that we in the EOS community should stop for a moment and see if maybe the market itself is trying to tell us something.

Maybe we are doing something wrong.

The last few months I’ve been moonlighting at the helm of Scatter’s support desk. I’ve sent hundreds of messages trying to understand and fix problems that our users are encountering. On more than one occasion I’ve found myself explaining core concepts of how EOS works to users who just want to play a game on the network.

It is crazy. We can’t expect this stuff from our end users if we want to succeed as an ecosystem.

A few weeks ago Nathan and I were speaking about this and he explained an idea for how he viewed the future of Scatter, and what we can do to make a lot of these issues go away. It is way too early to talk about what we have planned, but suffice it to say that my hope is that a lot of the support...

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