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How to avoid being scammed trying to swap fake tokens!

Hi friends of Tron, lately a lot of users are being scammed trying to swap fake tokens they find on their wallet. Often they blame Tronlink, but that's not the case and we should say it loud and clear: Tronlink is safe! Let's try to explain how such scams work and how to avoid being caught in the net: * the users finds some tokens in their wallet, typically TRC10 tokens, without having purchased them anywhere. Sending TRC10 tokens is almost free, that's why they do it. TRC20 are 1000x more expensive to transfer around. * sometimes these tokens have the same names as the real ones * usually these tokens don't have the blue checkmark on the logo (meaning that they are not Tron approved). This does not mean that all tokens without the mark are scam, but it should raise a suspicion * usually these tokens have a 0$ value indicated, meaning that they are not traded anywhere All the above indicators should raise an alarm and the user should stay away from any temptation to swap them and get real money. If you believe a token is real and would like to swap anyway, please check these steps before signing any transaction: * is the swap site (DEX) a know entity with good reputation, like justswap or poloniex? * read the transaction details on tronlink interface before signing it. If it's an approve request it will state the amount. The amount corresponds with what you entered in the DEX interface or is it higher (consider the decimals)? * has the smart contract of the token been audited by a reputable third party? If you want to be sure and limit your risks you can create a second wallet where you transfer only the assets you need to swap and keep the others in the main wallet. No-one can steal what you don't have! If you have given an approval to a dapp and want to cancel it, now you can do it easily from tronscan. News and info here: [](https://tronscan...
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