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How does the dexExchange function work in TronWeb?

I am working on developing a DEX exchange on the Tron network. Im working with the dexExchange function but am not understanding how this functions. Ive created a dexExchange and injected funds but thats where I get confused. I can inject more funds than I have, so how does this function? Once a dexExchange is created through the API why is it you can inject more funds than you actually have. And then how would you track who's injected what funds? Ive looked into following transactions but it only shows the exchange owners address, no "to" or "from" field. When you look at all transactions for the exchange address it shows the transactions injected but not the address that injected them. I must be missing something. ​ After some testing I see that you can inject/withdraw/transact but funds never actually get transferred. I get a txID that shows the transaction on tronscan being successful. This is really weird.. It's almost as if its an inner ledger to just simulate what the functionality should be but doesn't actually do anything. But then why would someone go through the trouble of building this? Its a cool function if it actually did what it seems like it was intended for.. ​ I tried asking in the discord and TG group but both are ghost towns.. Anyone familiar with this that can help me out?
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