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🍀 Ferox 🍀 Rising Star of Tron Network, Seed Round with Spectacular Bonus Tiers [$320k Mcap so far], Be Your Own Hedge Fund

**$FRX** (Ferox token) is the hidden treasure you've all been waiting for from the recently reinvigorated Tron protocol with a state of the art "**doxxed"** crypto team built around it. Unique use cases with robust intrinsic utility backed by fiat derivatives trading dividends (please see WP for details) give FRX a peerless long term value proposition head and shoulders above the 99% of the meme coin craze going on these days. Around 800 holders now, supply locked at 700 million, the low market cap is steadily increasing, this is as early as you can catch a true #MoonShot candidate before it reaches escape velocity 🚀. Seed Round sells at a great discount vs the upcoming IDO which is scheduled to launch right after expansion to Binance Smart Chain, a high probability play exists here for a minimum 10-12x which is frankly a conservative estimate comparing how well even anonymous and totally cloned IDO candidates have recently fared on BSC... Just to be clear Tron Network has also invested a lot on launchpads recently, and there is a chance the IDO can occur on Tron too, which will lead to even faster price appreciation as FRX is a native TRC20. For our highly risk adverse investors who like to play a safe game, Central Exchange Listings also coming up and shortlisted for May. Here is the landing page for the Seed Round, **we listened to the community and adjusted all the bonus tiers at a fixed USD amount after the powerful TRX rally;** all you need is a Tron wallet that accepts TRC20 tokens to receive $FRX ( like TronLink or Trust Wallet ): 🏆 [****]( 🏆 ​ Do your own due diligence naturally, and thank me later 🍀 ps. Here is a recent interview with the owner himself: []( ⭐️  [FRX Team]( ⭐️ [FRX Telegram]( ⭐️ [FRX Twitter](
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TRON National Anthem

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