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Ethereum vs Tron. Why hodl?

I bought trx in 2017, convinced most of my friends that the delegated proof of stake and business of china could mean extremely fast growth for this coin. Since then, my investment had gone to less than 1/10th the original value. It made a come back recently but still stagnant and I'm probably just breaking even at this point. Meanwhile ethereum is on the cusp of substantial growth, I really just don't know what to think of this project after all of JS arrogance and horribly publicity stunts. I was excited for the BTT project but it doesn't seem to have reinvigorated the torrent community, also with NFTs the DRM aspect of things seems to be ubiquitous at this point with 3rd party tokens; granted for storage and distribution BTT seems promising. The other thing is how all these coins somehow have Justin's name all over them like sun token or just'whatever' tokens. This seems risky to allow one individual to be the face of a project, and would be a disaster for the coin if something happened to Justin. I am posting here because I'm expect people to disagree. I would hope there are great arguments for the potential Tron offers in order to improve coin usage and value over the next year, because I see ethereum gaining significant value over the next year.
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