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EOS and Tron are going through similar situations

This is a message to the Tron community from an EOS community member. Earlier this month we stopped Block One’s 100M EOS tokens from vesting. We had suffered a long and sustained period of abuse and false promises from a fraudulent organisation who pertained to be working in our best interests. In order to do so, a new foundation was formed, and block producers as well as token holders had to come to consensus in order to pass the multi sig that essentially “turned off the tap”. We are no longer paying Block One for the services they did not provide, and are forking the code base from the repo Block One control. I see similarities with what the Tron community are going through. I guess there are differences in that the Tron foundations tokens are liquid. On EOS we didn’t actually touch Block Ones EOS account, we just turned off the system code for the vesting. Also I don’t know anything about your block producers or who they are aligned with - is it the community or the foundation? Either way, if this is truly a path to decentralisation, you need to grab the bull by the horns, create a new foundation and lobby your block producers in order to do what is best to protect your network.
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